Los Cabos: A Rising Star in the Luxury Travel Market

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Pictured: Rodrigo Esponda, Director Los Cabos Tourism Board

A New Era of Tourism in Los Cabos

In 2023, Cabo marked a significant upturn in its tourism sector, with a notable trend related to the luxury travel market and a notable increase in visitor numbers. Rodrigo Esponda, the Managing Director of Los Cabos Tourism, highlighted this growth at a recent VIP travel industry summit. The region witnessed a double-digit rise in visitors compared to 2022, with an expected tally of 4 million by year-end. This surge is not just in numbers; it reflects a shift in the demographic of travelers choosing Cabo as their vacation destination.

Changing Traveler Demographics

Esponda pointed out a significant change in the age group of visitors. Post-COVID, the average age of tourists has dropped to 35, a shift from the previously dominant 50-plus demographic. This change is attributed to Cabo’s diverse range of activities, from zip-lining to scuba diving and four-wheeling adventures. Once known for laid-back wine sipping and relaxation, the destination is now a hub for dynamic and adventurous experiences.

Wellness Tourism on the Rise in Los Cabos

The wellness sector in Cabo has seen a threefold increase since the pandemic. Health-focused tours, spas, and retreats have become more popular, catering to tourists seeking rejuvenation and wellness. This trend aligns with the global shift towards health and wellness in travel preferences.

Luxury Villas: The New Trendsetter in the Luxury Travel Market

An emerging trend in Cabo is the rise of luxury villas. These accommodations range from Airbnb rentals to concierge-managed properties, offering amenities like private butlers, daily maid service, and dedicated chefs. Often, individually owned villas blend luxury and privacy, making them a cost-effective option for larger groups.

Private Aviation in Los Cabos: Catering to the Elite

The private aviation sector also expands in Cabo, with new terminal developments at Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) and Cabo San Lucas International Airport (MMSL). This growth caters to the private traveler, a niche but significant market segment, emphasizing quality over quantity in travel experiences.

New Developments in Hospitality

Several new resorts and hotels are set to open in Los Cabos, adding to the region’s luxury accommodation offerings. These include the Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos, Park Hyatt Los Cabos, Four Seasons Resort and Residences at Cabo Del Sol, St. Regis Los Cabos Quivira, Soho House Beach Club, and the Amanvari. Each of these properties brings unique features and services, further enhancing the luxury travel experience in Cabo.


Cabo is rapidly evolving into a premier destination in the luxury travel market. With its diverse range of activities, focus on wellness tourism, luxurious accommodations, and private aviation facilities, it caters to a broad spectrum of travelers. The region’s growth in the luxury market is a testament to its adaptability and appeal to a new generation of tourists seeking unique and high-end travel experiences. Contact us for more information about this amazing destination, maybe you would like to own your piece of paradise.

Source: Travel Pulse

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